Nov 29, 2013

Give Thanks

Today's post is a very short one, just to share with you what I wore yesterday on Thanksgiving, some comfy pants and a light sweater; we did a lot of cooking and a lot of eating, so a very forgiving outfit was mandatory.

Although I don't have a big family we did get together yesterday and celebrated my favorite holiday of the year (Christmas is the number one, but in my mind it runs from black Friday well into January, so for a single day holiday Thanksgiving is king). In Colombia there is no Thanksgiving, but we have embraced it like it was always this way, it is a very special day, and we have plenty to be thankful for.

Hope everyone got spend it with their loved ones.


Nov 26, 2013

The elusive Faux Fur Vest

For the longest time I have been wanting a Faux Fur Vest, I have even toted one or two around a couple of stores, tried them on every time I would walk by a mirror, but ended up walking empty handed.

I promise this will be the year that it will be coming home with me, there are so many options out there, not only in terms of color but also prints, and finishing touches, like leather trims, hoodies, belts even ones with a sweater back (like this BB Dakota) there is no excuse for me to not chose one.

I would love any of these, the $300 French Connection might be too much for a budget friendly shopper, but the cheetah print from Lord & Taylor (with an extra 20% off) or the cream and black from Forever 21 might end up making their way to my closet.


Nov 22, 2013

An oldie but goodie

  Who would have thought a couple of years ago when I bought this "trendy" leggings that I would keep pulling them out for years to come. With all the faux leather pants, leggings and jackets in style for this fall, this old par of mine were eager to make a come back; they are really liquid leggings, but look just as fashionable as the real deal, without breaking the bank (by real I mean faux leather), and they are so thin and breathable that i can actually sport them in Florida all year round.  Bonus points!!

Liquid leggings old (Similar here) / Sweater Forever 21 (currently in stores) / Shoes Charlotte Russe / Clutch (stolen borrowed from my mother's closet)
I paired them with a short sleeved sweater so that I can finally jump on the sweater weather train. The beaded sleeves an animal print sandals makes it a bit dressier, perfect for a night out .

Nov 20, 2013

Daylight Savings

   It amazes me how just a couple of days ago I was getting home after work with enough daylight to run some errands and maybe, just maybe squeeze in a run walk, but now by the time I make it home it feels like is time to go to bed already.

I know it has been 2 weeks since the time changed but it feels like everyday it gets dark earlier than the day before; yesterday I decided to give it a try and see if there was any chance that I could score some decent pictures right after work, the outcome...... proved me wrong.

Pants Ross (Similar here and here) / Blouse thrifted / Flats Addriene Vittadinni (similar here)

Unlike the lack of light the temperature on the other hand is starting to be more forgiving, at least in the morning, so I decided to pair this printed pants with a long sleeve silk blouse and some comfortable flats, the pants are not too thick, and the silk is light enough so if the temperature raises I won't be melting during the day.


Nov 18, 2013

From head to toe

    I don't know even how to start, I am so excited to finally take this step in my blogging adventure, that it will be impossible to put it into words, I would like to say "I'd let the pictures do the talking" but they are also a work in progress.

I hope you like this little outfit that I have put together; I am constantly drooling over the most recent outfit posts in the blogs I follow, because everyone is already wearing boots, sweaters and scarves, but here in Florida we are still over 80 most of the time, so we still wear shorts..

Shoes (on sale),  Blouse (old) and Shorts (recent, but couldn't find online) Forever XXI  / Bag Steve Madden

And without even planning it I ended up wearing Forever XXI from head to toes, except for the purse, I guess it goes to show how versatile the brand is and that sometimes you can even score pieces that will outlast the current season.