Nov 22, 2013

An oldie but goodie

  Who would have thought a couple of years ago when I bought this "trendy" leggings that I would keep pulling them out for years to come. With all the faux leather pants, leggings and jackets in style for this fall, this old par of mine were eager to make a come back; they are really liquid leggings, but look just as fashionable as the real deal, without breaking the bank (by real I mean faux leather), and they are so thin and breathable that i can actually sport them in Florida all year round.  Bonus points!!

Liquid leggings old (Similar here) / Sweater Forever 21 (currently in stores) / Shoes Charlotte Russe / Clutch (stolen borrowed from my mother's closet)
I paired them with a short sleeved sweater so that I can finally jump on the sweater weather train. The beaded sleeves an animal print sandals makes it a bit dressier, perfect for a night out .


  1. I love those leggings!! I have some like those and I should wear them more often.


    1. They are so versatile, I would love to see you style them.


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