Nov 20, 2013

Daylight Savings

   It amazes me how just a couple of days ago I was getting home after work with enough daylight to run some errands and maybe, just maybe squeeze in a run walk, but now by the time I make it home it feels like is time to go to bed already.

I know it has been 2 weeks since the time changed but it feels like everyday it gets dark earlier than the day before; yesterday I decided to give it a try and see if there was any chance that I could score some decent pictures right after work, the outcome...... proved me wrong.

Pants Ross (Similar here and here) / Blouse thrifted / Flats Addriene Vittadinni (similar here)

Unlike the lack of light the temperature on the other hand is starting to be more forgiving, at least in the morning, so I decided to pair this printed pants with a long sleeve silk blouse and some comfortable flats, the pants are not too thick, and the silk is light enough so if the temperature raises I won't be melting during the day.


1 comment:

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