Nov 18, 2013

From head to toe

    I don't know even how to start, I am so excited to finally take this step in my blogging adventure, that it will be impossible to put it into words, I would like to say "I'd let the pictures do the talking" but they are also a work in progress.

I hope you like this little outfit that I have put together; I am constantly drooling over the most recent outfit posts in the blogs I follow, because everyone is already wearing boots, sweaters and scarves, but here in Florida we are still over 80 most of the time, so we still wear shorts..

Shoes (on sale),  Blouse (old) and Shorts (recent, but couldn't find online) Forever XXI  / Bag Steve Madden

And without even planning it I ended up wearing Forever XXI from head to toes, except for the purse, I guess it goes to show how versatile the brand is and that sometimes you can even score pieces that will outlast the current season.


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