Dec 16, 2013

A summer hat in mid-winter

Shirt: Express / Jacket: Forever 21 / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Ross / Scarf: Street vendor in San Francisco (exactsimilar) / Purse: Local store (similar here and here) / Bracelets: Aldo (similar here) / Hat: Marshalls / Watch: Michael Kors

Ok, I know is not mid-winter, but considering that beanies and scarfs are a luxury we can't afford too often down here, playing with a summer hat and a light scarf makes me feel just a little bit like it is winter time, and let's not forget the jacket.
I love this hat, it is so versatile, I get to wear it all year round and it pairs perfect with the colors of the scarf, they are a great compliment to a simple white moto jacket. I've had this one in my closet for the longest time waiting for a cool day to finally wear it, and it seems this next couple of days with a little drop in temperature might just allow me to wear this and some other sweaters I love.

My birthday is in February and I always try to go somewhere with my friends, and people always make fun of us, because when most people are headed our way running away from the cold, we are some of the few that are headed North looking for a little winter fun, I guess it kind of makes sense when you live in summer land.

For those of you that are having a full blown winter stay warm and enjoy the holidays.



  1. right!!! we need some cold in the least for a few months...I want some snow...or at least to travel to see some! You look cute!! And your comment on my blog today cracked me up!! :)

  2. Great outfit -- I love that scarf!!


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