Feb 28, 2014

Black & White

Yesterday I had somewhere to go for work so I had to dress a little more work appropriate; I am blessed enough to work in a place where I can wear whatever I want, short of PJ's anything goes. So office attire is a very new concept to me, specially since my closet is full of colored skinnies and beachy dresses, but you can never go wrong with your basic pencil skirt and a black and white palette. 

Skirt: Bebe (Embellished skirt) / Shirt: Forever 21 (3/4 sleeve) / Shoes: Vince Camuto (super old) / Clutch: BCBG (seen again here) / Watch: Michael Kors / Bangle: Forever 21

Please disregard the wrinkled skirt, if I sit for more than 5 minutes I need an iron for this one.

Feb 27, 2014

More awesome finds

One of the wonderful things of reading/writing blogs is that you get to discover amazing companies that have great products, things that you can't always find in your regular stores and let's be honest we  all want to be individuals and have our style be a reflection of who we are, and what better way to do that than through accessories?

I have always loved them, but it has become quite an addiction with all this amazing finds; yesterday I mentioned that I have a pop up party for Chloe + Isabel, what I failed to mention is that there are so many things that I love from them, not only how colorful and unique they are - I mean, look at that scarab bracelet, and it's limited edition - but also how they stand behind their brand, and more so the fact that their merchandisers can sell their products and still have other jobs, or be SAHM, how great is that.

Now go and fall in love with their products

PS - I really love everything they have, and they don't even know I'm writing this post!!

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Chloe + Isabel

Feb 25, 2014

Dress season is on

The weather has been so nice lately, it is warm enough for dresses but there is also this amazing breeze that makes it so perfect, we rarely get any wind down here so this has been an awesome treat. I'm trying to take advantage of it as much as I can and spend lots of time outdoors, now what I need to do is make it to the beach to work on that tan I promised.

Dress: Forever 21 (shift dress) / Shoes: Steve Madden (nude suede pumps) / Clutch: Forever 21 (black clutchcraving) / Watch: Michael Kors / Necklace: Thrifted

Today I decided to pair a simple shift dress with a tie belt, with a some nude pumps and a black clutch, and to break the color a little bit I spiced it up wit blue accessories.

This pose is totally borrowed from one of my favorite bloggers

Feb 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I don't know where all this Throwback Thursday idea began but I decided to incorporate it into my blog, no I won't be showing embarrassing pictures of myself 15 years ago maybe in the future. What I am trying to do is make use of that old saying "everything old is new again" and see what pieces I have that somehow resemble a piece from a different time.

I did grow up in the 80's and spent my teens in the 90's, so I thought it would be fun to style current trends that date from back then, styles that most of us bowed never to revisit and yet somehow they managed to sneak back in our closets.

For today's Inspiration, I have gone to a time before my age, but a time that we all loved very much the 70's. The bug eye glasses that replaced the cat eye shape from the 60's and 70's and a more modern take on bell bottom pants. Did you know that wide-leg trousers like mine where the origin of the bell bottom pants, or that they were originally used by sailors in the US Navy in the 1800's?

Pants: BCBG (Bell bottomTuxedo pants) /  Shirt: Forever 21 / Shoes: Aldo (Polka dots loaferB&W loafers) / Clutch: Local boutique (styled here) / Necklace: Ebay (From this post) / Watch: Michael Kors / Sunnies: Forever 21

Feb 19, 2014

Neon Pink

This past couple of days I have been rearranging my living room so I have been best friends with brushes, rollers, primers and paint, it was an exhausting job but the result was totally worth it, I got rid of a crazy color that I had applied to one of my big walls, and now the place looks a bit more put together. Needles to say my outfit of choice has been shorts and an old t-shirt (I splatter paint everywhere, definitely not a master painter) so it feels great to finally be done, wear paint free clothes and get ready for a new mani- pedi.
So to welcome a regular outfit I decided to pair a simple stripped skirt with a neon pink top, it looks a little subdued but I promise the color is as bright as it looks on the 3rd picture down; I love this top it brightens any outfit and since the details are on the sleeves it also allows you to wear it with a statement necklace.
I love this outfit is so simple and comfortable and yet it stands out; if only adding color to my legs was as easy as doing it to my walls.... but Thank God warmer days are around the corner and I will work on getting a little tan.
Skirt: Forever 21 (stripped A-line skirt) / Shirt: Express /  Shoes: Nine West (colorblock D'orsay) / Clutch: BCBG (baby giraffe print) /  Necklace: Charlotte Russe (clear luciteturquoise bib) / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Urban PeachBrightonLucky Brand / Sunnies: Forever 21

Last but not least I want to congratulate Colleen Boudreau the winner of the giveaway Angela and I hosted last week, I hope you get something you really love. Thank you to everyone that participated and took the time to check my little corner here on the blogosphere.
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Feb 17, 2014

Mimosas & S'mores

This weekend I went with some friends out for brunch, we were sitting outside, the weather was amazing the perfect combination of sunny but breeze, good enough to enjoy the outdoors without melting. We sipped on bottomless mimosas, and had our fair share of Grits n' Shrimp, French toast, and it really can't be breakfast without crispy bacon. Everything was to die for, and I finally lost my fear and tried the grits, they had always seemed so bland and unappetizing, but I do have to admit they were really good. I guess you never now until you give it a try.

It was a great time with great friends, but the best part was the dessert.... yummy, they have this "make it yourself s'mores" that was the cherry on top; they bring out your basics, graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate, and marshmallows, plus some strawberries and bananas, it's all served around this table top grill (Here is a great DIY to do it at home) and then you just get creative.

For this date I decided to wear something simple and comfortable. You can never go wrong with colored skinnies, a comfy blouse and some sparkly loafers (that you can barely see in the pics); I kept the bracelets to a minimum, so that I wouldn't jingle every time we raised or mimosas but I did wear my lip necklace that I had gotten from Ebay
Jeans: Old Navy / Blouse: Forever 21 (Loving this V neck wrap) / Purse: Steve Madden / Shoes: Ivanka Trump / Necklace: Ebay from this post / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: Brighton

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Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Whoever that special person in your life is, your significant other, your mom/dad, or just your friends, celebrate today and don't forget to always remind them how special and important they are.

Feb 11, 2014

In the Name of Friendship

Today I want to talk about this awesome necklace and the story behind it.
Like a year or so ago I decided to join a nail polish group in Facebook (you know, because clothes aren't my only obsession) and then I participated in a birthday group, every month you would send a gift to the birthday girl, and then during your month you would receive a present from all the other girls; much like blogging we only knew each other from pictures and what we shared on Facebook, but we became friends, I met amazing girls and the gifts started to become a little more personal, not just polish from your wish list, but things that matched your personality and what the girls knew about you, it was, for lack of a better word, amazing.

Since I was one of the newest girls in the group and we started in February I was pushed back towards the end of the year, which was fine by me as it allowed me to create a better wishlist, and get to know the girls a little bit better. Well enter Nikki, she was my Valentine swap buddy and she put the most amazing package together, so when her birthday came around I was more than excited to shop for her, then November came and it was my turn to receive again and she made it a mission to send me the most thoughtful present ever. Last year I lost my dog and best friend in May, it was a really hard time for me and all the girls from the group were there supporting me, it wasn't easy, but having awesome friends and family made all the difference in the world.

Ok, back to the package, Nikki was a little late sending the package because she was waiting for the best thing ever, here comes the necklace, she had this dog tag custom made with a bulldog, two little tags that read "adorabull & Diesel" and wings for my baby to watch over me, I have to confess that I cried when I received it, it was not only gorgeous but extremely thoughtful and it touched my heart. So I thought this valentine week was the perfect time to share with you not only this awesome necklace (and a picture of Diesel at the end) but the fact that even though we don't really get to know each other in person you can really create awesome bonds and equally awesome friendships in this on-line world. 

Skirt: Bebe, super old (Black Ikat Maxi)  / Jacket: Marshalls (Faux leather option) / Top: Express (Peach tank) / Dog tag: Etsy / Bracelets: Lucky Brand & Brighton / Watch: Michael Kors

Now on a much lighter note I have to confess that I am obsessed with maxi skirts, I might be a little late to follow this trend, but I did start this blog to push myself in new directions, this one here is so comfy and flowy, and with pockets, double points for that; paired with a simple tank and one of my first Marshalls purchases ever (the red jacket) I think it's an outfit that takes "simple" to the next step.

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Feb 10, 2014

Hearts & Leopard - Giveaway

In honor of Valentine's week day I have decided to wear hearts and a pop of pink. This blouse might look very serious and not something you would wear on a date, but let me tell you, all the fun is in the back, it has a cut out with straps that takes it to a different level, you can wear it like this, or make it business appropriate with a blazer.

I paired it with a white textured skirt to keep all the focus on the blouse and added the leopard heels to keep it neutral. 

Skirt & Blouse: Forever 21 (Textured skirtheart printed top) / Sandals: Charlotte Russe (Leopard heels) / Clutch: Local boutique (Pink envelopeMinauderie) / Watch: Michael Kors / Necklace: Ebay

Today I am hosting a Giveaway with Angela over at Head to Toe Chic so hop over for a chance to win $20 in Paypal cash, to jump start your President's day shopping.

Good Luck!!

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