Mar 31, 2014

Chevron Pants

This past week and weekend were so exhausting, that even though it's only Monday I am praying for the weekend to arrive, I have been running around and working like crazy. I have a little project in the works and that has me beyond ecstatic, as soon as it's ready I will be sure to share it over here, but trust me, the restless nights and overworked days will be worth it.

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats

For this outfit I am embarrassed to admit that I chose this pants solely based on the fact that they had never been worn before and still had the tag attached, that doesn't happen that often in my closet, I am a firm believer in "using your fine china" there is no better day than today, sort of motto, pretty much if I can change at the store and start using what I bought I probably would. But every once in a while (specially with online shopping) I order something that looks great online but not so much on me, time goes by and next thing I know, it's too late to return or exchange.

So it was time I forced myself to style this pants, I wore them with a silk blouse that I bought at at thrift store a long time ago and that I used on an older post (you can see the horrible newbie blogger picture at the bottom), some nude flats, and a cross-body with a pop of color, the outcome was better than I thought, and as usual might force me to reconsider other items I have turned my back on.

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats

Chevron pants - crossbody - nude flats

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats
Pants: Forever 21 / Top: Thrifted (Last seen here) / Flats: Forever 21- old (bam-pow option, blush colored flats) / Watch: Michael Kors / Crossbody: Marshalls / Necklace & Studs: A gift

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats

Chevron pants - crossbody - silk blouse - nude flats

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Mar 27, 2014

Shorts, again!! (Giveaway)

More shorts!!!! Today, besides wearing shorts again I have decided to go monochrome and mix patterns, not only the different black & white, but I threw in some leopard, again.

 I tried at the Palm Beach Outlets the infamous Steve Madden slip-ons, but they looked too wide on my feet, so I had to pass. I was fairly disappointed, but since good things come to those who wait, when Shanna posted a picture on her Instagram of this Windsor version, that also happen to be 1/5 of the Steve Madden price I couldn't let them pass. They are so comfy, and perfect to experiment with the slip-on trend, and let me tell you I think they are here to stay!!

Black & white - shorts - sleeveless top
black clutch - black watchBlack & white - shorts - sleeveless top

shorts - sleeveless top

Shorts: Forever 21 (on sale) / Top: old (loving this two tone top) / Slip-ons: Windsor / Clutch: Old / Watch: Michael Kors

Check out the giveaway I am hosting On Sharon's blog.

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Mar 25, 2014

Flower shorts

Flower shorts - green shirt - wedges #shorts
Shorts: Forever 21 / Top: Express (super old, but with their sale going on, you need to check them out)   / Sandals: Michael Kors / Bag: Urban Expressions (Via HauteLook) / Watch: Michael Kors / Sunnies: Forever 21 (not online anymore) / Bracelets: Aldo (loving this cuff)
Flower shorts - green shirt - wedges #shorts
statement necklace - bangles

Flower shorts - green shirt - wedges #shorts
Lately I have been embracing the fact that I can wear shorts and skirts most of the time, for as long as I can remember I have loved sweaters, jeans and jackets; I used to spend my weekends and vacations up in the mountains in Colombia, so "cold" weather was my habitat of choice, even when I used to visit my family here in Florida I refused to dress lighter.

Well it is safe to say that after 10 years in this lovely summer climate I am finally starting to let my reality sink in, or maybe with getting older we get more comfortable in our own skin and with the choices me make (don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go), but whatever the reason is shorts and dresses are in my horizon, like this flowery one I scored at Forever 21 a couple of days ago, it doesn't get any better than this, flowery, comfy and a bargain.

Any particular spring/summer trends that you'd like to share...?

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Mar 24, 2014

Trends to watch

Trends to watch

Eye Catching Accessories: Quirky sun glasses // Bejeweled necklace // Polka dot crossbody / /Lucite earrings

Metallic Shoes: Gold slip ons // Gold Oxfords // Silver moc

Floral Prints: Maxi dress // Floral tote // Printed oxfords // Floral cap

Pastel Hues: Mint crossbody // Lilac shades // Scarf

Now that spring is in full bloom I can definitely start wearing some of the most popular trends that we will be seeing this season.

Floral prints are huge, we are going to see them in everything, from clothes to accessories, bags to shoes; flowers just celebrate the season, and if you can double score like with this dress from  One Stop Plus extra points for you, not only is it flowery but it's a maxi, perfect in my book.

Pastel hues are another very popular trend, they are super soft, and the perfect prelude for the bright colors that the summer always brings, like this mint crossbody from Forever 21 it has the perfect color, and is just big enough to carry your essentials.

And what about shoes? You can always find me in comfy shoes and they are not always the most stylish ones, but how can you go wrong with metallic shoes? they are sure to be the spunk of your outfit, like this silver mocs.

Last but not least, accessories, you can always count on them if you don't feel like going all out with your outfit, a necklace like this can certainly make a plain t-shirt and flat outfit shine.

There you go, some of my favorite trends to follow this season, what are yours?

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Mar 21, 2014

An Awesome Headband

A couple of days ago I ran into a group on Etsy that connects bloggers and stores, it helps you network,  reach new people, and it introduces you to new products. That's how I found Elizabeth from Halo Havenn, she makes this original and cute headbands that can be worn multiple ways.

This is what Liz has to say of her product:

 "One headband that won’t give you a headache like those stiff plastic ones from our tween years is the halo by Halo Havenn. Handmade in NY by the brand Halo Havenn, these sleek bow headbands look perfectly polished and poised against any hairstyle. This headband also has a high quality suede cord thats made for all day hold in every style hair, plus is super comfortable to wear. Halo Havenn Headbands are nice, because you can adjust the fit. No matter how big or small your head, a Halo Havenn headband will fit.  Versatile in every way these halos can be worn as a halo, as a headband, tied around the sock bun, tied around a pony tail, or even tied around the wrist as a bracelet.  If black ribbon isn’t your thing and you’d like to make more of a splash, Halo Havenn’s glitter and patterned bows aren’t to be missed."

I personally love the fact that it's not a rubber headband, God knows I can't keep them on long enough, and when I do they give me a headache from hell, so the fact that I can chose how tight I want to wear it is a double win in my book, I also love that I can wear it around my bun (you know, to look more polished less like a mess), or tied around my hat like Liz does on her Instagram picture, so perfect for the sunny days; and now that bow bracelets are the "it" accessory you can't really go wrong with a multi-purpose accessory.

My personal favorites are EmilyLeah, and Ashley, because who doesn't like leopard; now go and check her store, it is truly a super versatile accessory, and like Brandy Pham said:

Mar 20, 2014

Leopard & Gold #TBT

If someone would have told me years ago that I would wear leopard, and even worse a jumpsuit, I would have laughed so hard. I mean, when I was growing up leopard was so tacky and jumpsuits belonged in the 80's. But since then leopard has become a very popular print, that serves as a neutral nowadays. And after seeing this little number at Forever 21 a couple days ago, I had to rethink my feelings for it.

I walked around the store with it for a while, I tried it on every time I went to the dressing room, I took a picture and shared it with my mother (she actually called me back when I was home already with a shopping bag in hand) I kept repeating the reasons why it was such a good purchase (and only $23); it's comfy, light fabric, an accessory on it's own, trendy, you name it.

Leopard jumpsuit

Leopard jumpsuit - envelope clutch - statement cuff
Jumpsuit: Forever 21 / Belt: Steve Madden (via Marshalls) / Sandals: DV (via Macys) / Clutch: Ebay / Watch: Michael Kors / Cuff: borrowed from my mom / Necklace: Elephanttassel

Leopard jumpsuit - envelope clutch - statement cuff

Leopard jumpsuit - envelope clutch - statement cuff

Leopard jumpsuit - envelope clutch - statement cuff

Needles to say it came home with me to keep up with #TBT, and I wore it right away, I don't believe in saving the fine china for a special occasion, you have it, you love it, you use it, so I paired it with a belt to give me some shape, a big cuff and a plain tassel necklace.

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Mar 18, 2014

St Paddy's green

This post is brought to you by the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow, no I did not intentionally cut my head off from most of the pictures, the ones where my face does show came up blurry or kind of weird so I decided to go with the flow and give the headless shots a go. Anyways the important thing here is the outfit, and it does show, so for today I think we should be fine.

I wore this outfit yesterday to avoid being pinched, I had a hard time thinking of something green in my closet, until I came across this 100 years old skirt, it has to be one of the first purchases I made when I moved here, but I still love it, I don't wear it as often as I should, but now that warmer weather is upon us I have promised myself to shop my closet more often.

Skirt: Charlotte Russe (Pleated chiffon option) / Top: Forever 21 (rouched hem top) / Scarf: Old Navy / Sandals: Nine West (Tory Burch option) / Purse: local store /  Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Lucky Brand, Urban Peach, a gift

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