Mar 21, 2014

An Awesome Headband

A couple of days ago I ran into a group on Etsy that connects bloggers and stores, it helps you network,  reach new people, and it introduces you to new products. That's how I found Elizabeth from Halo Havenn, she makes this original and cute headbands that can be worn multiple ways.

This is what Liz has to say of her product:

 "One headband that won’t give you a headache like those stiff plastic ones from our tween years is the halo by Halo Havenn. Handmade in NY by the brand Halo Havenn, these sleek bow headbands look perfectly polished and poised against any hairstyle. This headband also has a high quality suede cord thats made for all day hold in every style hair, plus is super comfortable to wear. Halo Havenn Headbands are nice, because you can adjust the fit. No matter how big or small your head, a Halo Havenn headband will fit.  Versatile in every way these halos can be worn as a halo, as a headband, tied around the sock bun, tied around a pony tail, or even tied around the wrist as a bracelet.  If black ribbon isn’t your thing and you’d like to make more of a splash, Halo Havenn’s glitter and patterned bows aren’t to be missed."

I personally love the fact that it's not a rubber headband, God knows I can't keep them on long enough, and when I do they give me a headache from hell, so the fact that I can chose how tight I want to wear it is a double win in my book, I also love that I can wear it around my bun (you know, to look more polished less like a mess), or tied around my hat like Liz does on her Instagram picture, so perfect for the sunny days; and now that bow bracelets are the "it" accessory you can't really go wrong with a multi-purpose accessory.

My personal favorites are EmilyLeah, and Ashley, because who doesn't like leopard; now go and check her store, it is truly a super versatile accessory, and like Brandy Pham said:


  1. Love finding local bloggers in the area :)

    And of course loving that MK watch! Happy Friday!

  2. These are so cute and perfect since I love bows. I will visit her Etsy store.