Mar 10, 2014

Budget Friendly

I picked this dress in a whim when Shanna said it was on clearance at Forever 21, (it is no longer available online but I saw it at my local store), I loved how she styled it, and it is such a simple yet versatile dress, you can dress it up or down, load it with accessories, pair it with comfy flats, or like me with pumps.

I know stores like Forever 21 carry more affordable versions of styles sold at pricier stores, a copycat version if you want to call them that; but considering that I am on a budget, and that I have a shopping obsession, I would much rather use the extra money on something else, specially since fashion is always changing; and we are always craving the next thing. Stores like this allow you to experiment and expand your closet, obviously there are things on which there is no compromising and you have to go for the real deal, but when fashion is involved if the shoe fits... buy the budget friendly version.

stripped dress black clutch hologram pumps
Dress, Shoes & Clutch: Forever 21 (Dress is sold out online, Stripped dresshologram pumpsblack clutch) / Bracelets & Necklace: Ebay / Watch: Michael Kors

stripped dress black clutch hologram pumps

stripped dress black clutch

statement accessories

Excuse my not so stylish hair tie, I only noticed it when I looked at the pictures in my computer.

stripped dress statement necklace

hologram shoes

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  1. Those heels are to die for!! Love them girl! I haven't been to Forever 21 in awhile so I'll need to stop by their store when I start my Spring shopping. I'm also loving your dress, necklace, and purse! Pinning!

  2. Love the multi stripes and what a great find and bargain! yes, I have to say that Forever 21 is a heaven for budget shoppers. I don't spend on trendy pieces, so I normally hunt them at F21!

    From Dubai with xxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  3. That is such a pretty dress on you! and it's perfect with your fun necklace!


  4. I have a pretty short attention span when it comes to clothes (unfortunately) so I am all about getting the best bargain that I can for most pieces. Forever 21 has some great stuff if you are good at shopping there....or finding stuff after seeing it on another blog like I do. ha ha. :) Great dress and accessories, and thanks for linking up to Manic Monday! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  5. Love the mix of vertical and horizontal stripes!


  6. Such a cute look! Loving that dress! Can't believe it's F21!


  7. Don't you hate that? When you've taken photos, downloaded them and THEN catch a little faux pas? I wouldn't have noticed the hair tie to be honest, but I can totally relate to that. It's quite annoying especially when I have zero desire to re-do the photos, much less get re-dressed!
    You certainly can't tell you're shopping on a budget, lady! You look very posh in this outfit! Your accessories are perfection!
    Thanks for sharing with manic monday!
    Carylee |