Mar 6, 2014

Converse & Neon #tbt

Can you believe it's Thursday again and March? Where does time go? I remember being in school desperate to turn 15, I couldn't wait to be a "quinceaƱera" and go on a trip and a cruise with some of my friends. Just picture this so you can understand, around 20 - 25 fifteen year old girls on a bus touring some cities in the US and Canada and finishing off with a 3 day cruise in the Bahamas, all parent free; no wonder I was dying to turn 15. But then I remember my mother saying that after you turn 15 life starts to speed up, that never made any sense, why would life feel any different? But it does, it goes so fast that in the blink of an eye you are already turning 30.

Which brings me to my outfit of today, I thought that I had graduated Converse school a long time ago, that those days were gone and I had moved on to other styles, but you don't need to know how many  years have passed and here I am sporting the good old shoes again. I love them, they are so comfortable, and needless to say back in the day they didn't have this awesome new colors, spring colors, perfect for this year. You can wear them with almost anything, jeans, shorts, a dress, you name it.

Neon top & black clucth

Neon top black cluth

Neon top Boyfriend Jeans Converse
Jeans: American Eagle / Top: Express / Shoes: Converse / Clutch: Forever 21 (old) / Watch: Michael Kors / Necklace: Ebay

Neon top Black watch Statement necklace

Chuck taylor Boyfriend Jeans

Black clutch Black watch Wire bangles

Boyfriend jeans Chuck taylor Neon top Black clutch

Boyfriend jeans Chuck taylor Neon top Black clutch

Or like me keep going back to the 80's and wear them with neon, another trend that I swore would never grace my closet, true I might have OD on it, shoe laces, tops, hair scrunchies, bracelets, you name it, I had them in a neon color; but still I can bet that when we saw our old pictures from the 80's we all swore we would never look like that again. I could have thrown some acid was jeans (I have seen them recently in stores) and a high side pony tail, but that might just get me committed.

What old trends are you bringing back? Did you also promise never to wear them again?


  1. I love converse, and yours are such a pretty color! i love your necklace too!


  2. I need to get myself a pair of Converse again. Those shoes seems to go with just about anything and plus their comfortable and cute. I love your outfit and necklace! Visiting from #SitsShareFest

    1. They do go with everything.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Great post! Converse can be very comfy! I'm from South Florida, but now living in Chicago-- looking at your pictures makes me nostalgic of home.
    Btw, I came to your blog from the message you left on Etsy. Glad to have found you!


    1. OMG that is quite a change, how do you like the weather up there?