Apr 30, 2014

Lulu's #Fashionfaceoff

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If you didn't know, Lulu's has been having an Instagram face-off contest going on for the past 2 weeks, every week there are 2 teams to choose from and you can submit your outfits just by using the hash tags of the face-off and your team, the prize is $500 worth of store credit (ohh the things I would buy).

Last week I participated in team floral, and this week I was planing on taking on team lace which serves double duty since Jacqueline's theme this week is also going to be lace, but how big was my surprise and my disappointment when I realized the only lace item in my closet is this white dress, I was truly sad, so I decided that an inspiration board wishlist was necessary.

I found this green romper (it's also available in neon orange) so perfect for our lovely Florida weather, it is such a vibrant color that it needs minimum accessories, like this dainty arrow bracelet, & I would definitely wear my hair up since all the details are in the back which will also allow me to pair it with this rhinestone earrings, to keep the look very comfy gladiators will be my shoe of choice, but if I feel a little experimental I would love to try it with some floral oxfords.
Lulu's Faceoff

My other option would also be a romper (big surprise), this cream number is a dressier version, the lace detail is more delicate and feminine and needs to be paired with matching pieces, like this strappy wedges, cream and blush are such a winning combo; if you want to make the outfit pop you can also wear a more colorful shoe, like this pink patent sandals, but I would still keep the hair up, the accessories toned down, and a small clutch to top it off.

Now you know, go pick your team, post your picture and start dreaming of what you can get with the prize!!!

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Apr 28, 2014

Madras, Neon pop and a cameo

The weather has been changing again, this past couple of days we would wake up in the low 70's, and it would go up to 80 during the day, so it allowed us a little bit of freedom with more covered outfits, but this past 3 days it has started in the 80's and it slowly creeps up making it crazy hot. This weekend the humidity was just crazy, it felt like it had you all wrapped around and it felt like we were baking; so brace yourselves skirts and shorts are about to be the only wearable attire in my neck of the woods.

I wore this outfit to work last week, it was just a relaxed and comfy day, and to dress it up a bit I threw in my neon pumps, I promise I don't look like a light-house, I mean, they are bright, just not as crazy bright as they come out in the pictures; neon seems to be quite hard to photograph (I at least haven't mastered it yet).

I had already worn this top before with shorts and a hat, and I was obviously having a bad hair day both times, hence the hat and the braid.

If you can make it past the shoes you will see my new favorite man who is making an appearance for the first time after being mentioned several times, I am currently working on a little bio for Adopt-a-bull to put up on their website, so that people who are interested in adopting him (aka the time when my heart will break into a million pieces) can get a little background on him. As soon as it is ready I will also share it here with pictures so that you can all fall in love with this little meatball that has stolen my heart.

Skinny jeans - neon pumps - madras top - black clucth

Skinny jeans - neon pumps - madras top - black clucth

Emma & Sophia - jewelry - statement bracelet - arm party

Skinny jeans - neon pumps - madras top - black clucth - english bulldog
Jeans: American Eagle / Top: Forever 21 - old (Madras top and worn here) / Pumps: Charlotte Russe / Clutch: Forever 21 - old / Earrings: Emma & Sophia / Bracelet: Emma & Sophia
Skinny jeans - neon pumps - madras top - black clucth

Skinny jeans - neon pumps - madras top - black clucth - english bulldog

Jewelry - Emma & Sophia - madras top

Madras top - lace shorts - skinny jeans

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Apr 24, 2014

Maxi-dress & on-line shopping

There are so many things in my closet that I had forgotten I had, like this maxi-dress, I love it, I always have, it was one of my first ever on-line purchases because they didn't carry it in the store, it was such a long time ago that you can just imagine how scared I was about what I was getting.
Will it fit me, will the fabric be nice, will it look remotely close to the website picture? tons of crazy questions that barely cross my mind nowadays, after all in store returns are, for the most part, an option.

 It is crazy to see how skeptical I was in the beginning and how much I currently enjoy on-line shopping, it takes the hassle out of carrying tons of things around, multiple trips to the dressing room, the overwhelming feeling I get when a store has 2 or 3 floors full of merchandise, the weird associate that sometimes follows you around like if you had a shoplifter sign on your forehead. I won't lie, I still enjoy walking into a store and browsing around, specially stores like Home GoodsMarshalls and TJ Maxx, where you find unique pieces that are not available everywhere, but for the rest of the stores I prefer the comfort of my house, and if I can rack the cart up to score free shipping even better (Unless they don't allow returns Forever 21 I'm looking at you I try to add extra things to reach free shipping and simply return them to the store)

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia
Dress: Charlotte Russe - old (Sleeveless printed dressstrapless option) / Sandals: Nine West - old (jelly sandals) / Watch: Michael Kors / Earrings: Emma & Sophia / Bracelets: old and Emma & Sophia

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

envelope clutch - jelly flats - animal print

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

Maxi-dress - animal print - jelly flats - Emma & Sophia

Back to the dress that started this ramble, the only thing I regret is not getting the other prints they had, they never brought it back, and I never found anything similar for the $28 bucks I paid (insert sad face), but anyways, at least I have this one that has stood the test of time and that looks awesome and keeps me fresh in this warm Florida weather.

What awesome finds do you have in your closet that you still love to this day?

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Apr 23, 2014


This week has been a good one so far, yesterday I finally took Benson (my foster Bulldog) to the vet after the quarantine period, we all new he was going to be Pandora's Box of medical issues, but luckily nothing that is a major concern.

He had just finished his first round of antibiotics (that he got from the pound) and now he is back on medication, he has eye, ear and skin infections, so he also needs drops and a special wash followed by a spray, the drops are quite a task, specially the ear ones, he is not too fond of those; so I do what every treacherous parent would do, wait until he is sleeping on one side and get him good. He obviously doesn't like me very much, but I'm sure he will start feeling the difference soon, and like with his neck rash, he will come to enjoy getting the medication.

It amazes me how trusting and gentle he is, I was afraid at first that he might bite me; after all, we know nothing about where he came from or how he was treated, but animals are so smart and they can tell who is treating them with kindness and love. And true I've only had him for a little over a week, but this little meatball (ah yes, and he is obese) has already won my heart, I can't wait to see him get all better and being a normal goofy bulldog.
Summer dress - pink clutch

Summer dress - pink clutch - studded sandals

Summer dress - pink clutch - studded sandals
Dress: Rampage via Macys / Sandals: Charlotte Russe / Clutch: Ebay / Necklace: Amazon option / Watch: Michael Kors

Summer dress - pink clutch

Summer dress - pink clutch - studded sandals

Studded sandals - pink clutch

Summer dress - pink clutch - studded sandals

Now, onto the outfit, I've had this tassel dress for as long as I can remember, I scored it at Macy's for like $13 or $14 and I have gotten my money out of it plenty of times, it's super comfy and fresh, and the little details bring it up a bit. I paired it with this shoes that I saw on Shannon, I was waiting for them to get to me like a little kid because every time she wore them (here and here) they looked amazing, and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

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Apr 21, 2014

Project revealed & a giveaway

This is a post that is all over the place, but stick with me and I promise it will be completely worth it.

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned I had a little project that I was working on, and that it had me really excited? Well I can finally reveal what it was all about; for the longest time I've loved accessories, when I was in college in Colombia I used to make and sell necklaces, and I paid for my ticket to visit my family in Florida a couple of times, I'm not that crafty anymore, but that hasn't stopped me from collecting accessories, they are just such a great way to spice up any outfit; but truth be told I really can't afford to spend crazy amounts of money on a single necklace, so I am happy to present Emma & Sophia, my store, where you can find great accessories at prices that won't break the bank, like this Tortoise necklace I wore last week, or remember this wine colored necklace, and the best is that shipping is always free. I personally don't like to feel pressured into buying "x" amount to get free shipping, and I feel that shipping money can be spent on something I really like, like more necklaces.
Dress: Marshalls / Sandals: Michael Kors / Purse: belonged to my grandma / Necklace: Emma & Sophia / Bracelet: Emma & Sophia

Feel free to take a look at my website and fall in love with everything, even better, I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you a cash giveaway, we felt that this time of the year most of us need a boost to keep our new year resolutions going strong, and what better way to do it than with new workout clothes/equipment.

So we have put together a little board for inspiration, and quite a few chances for you to participate, hey you can even buy a new workout outfit and when you hit one of your goals you can reward yourself with some pretties from Emma & Sophia, I personally would love those shoes to keep me going.

source | ipod // fuel band // leggings // water bottle // shoes

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natalia | dollie | enjoy essential | libby
brooke | meagan | felicia | noelle
Show some love and get busy on your entries, there are quite a few so make sure you have about five minutes to dedicate.

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Apr 16, 2014

Hand made journals - a giveaway

Remember my post last week where I mentioned Vishruti and the amazing wallet she sent me? Well today I wanted to show you some amazing handmade journals that she sells at her Indian Journals Etsy store, they are super colorful with plenty of patterns to chose from, perfect size to keep in your purse and jot down all your notes - I know I always need one of those handy - made out of recycled paper. I mean what's not to like? 

It comes with this cute tie around that gives it a feel of an old personal diary where you write about heartbreaks, crushes, and when you are a blogger, wishlists. The paper inside has an amazing texture, I have to confess I tried failed to make paper in school with one of my best friends, to add flowers and little details, and let me tell you, it's not an easy task, kudos to Vishruti, her pages are flawless. And the stitching around it it's something else, such a detailed work. This journal is truly a work of art, and not just a note pad to carry on.

This journal fits my purse perfectly (even the small ones), I used to write stuff on sticky notes or note pads that I had at work, but always left them behind, well not anymore, now I just carry it with me everywhere.

Vishruti has been kind enough to host a giveaway for one of her medium sized journals, so without further ado here is her story intertwined with pictures of the pretty journal I now carry in my purse.

My name is Vishruti. I live in Mumbai, India with a very loving and supportive husband. I have a brilliant family to be proud of.

My journey on Etsy began before my marriage, way back in 2009. At that time, Etsy was an extension of my existing organic cotton fabrics and garments business. I started selling organic cotton fabrics via my shop which was previously named "Adya International" , same as my off Etsy business.

As time passed, and my interest in eco, organic, recycled, earth friendly products grew, I slowly forayed into recycled paper products made from recycled and handmade paper. I also started to show keen interest in re-using and up-cycling left over fabrics into products of art. The journals was a natural byproduct of this idea.

Indian Journals is all about the extensive beautiful, OOAK one of a kind and unique journals that usually have a common by-product of customer delight and immense happiness post purchase :) This is evident in the shop reviews and feedback I have received over the years.

Renew , Reuse and Recycle has always been our Mantra. Our shop uses up cycled sari's , brocade woven fabric remnants, patchwork embroidered fabrics, Indian art screens and traditional stitched and bound book stitching techniques to create distinct and instantly appealing journals. We also use recycled paper which is then converted into handmade paper.

There you go, not only pretty and useful, but eco friendly, make sure you stop by her store, and enter the giveway below.

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Apr 15, 2014

Simple tee

I love this pants, I've worn them in the past, with espadrilles and a chambray top, they are super comfy like a regular pair of jeans, but the coating makes them stand out. For this look I decided to also keep it casual with a plain tee, and to add a little extra I added some bow sandals and a statement necklace.

I apologize for the pictures, but I did pull over and try to get as many as I could on Friday while on my way home to meet the lady that was bringing Benson over (more on that here). I promise to take better ones for next post, and maybe a sneak peak photo-bomb of my new love.

Jeans: Old Navy (on sale) / TeeExpress / Sandals: Franco Sarto via Marshall's - old (Pump with bow - Platform with bows) / Purse: Steve Madden via Ross (Orange shopper - Sand satchel) / Watch: Michael Kors - old / Necklace & Bracelets: Emma & Sophia 

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