May 14, 2014

Ruffles & Cobalt

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I wore this outfit last week, it's so simple and comfortable, and yet it looks really put together, the ruffle skirt is very light and dressier, but by pairing it with a floral tee and flat sandals it tones it down.

If you have read this blog before (or at least looked at the pics) you might notice that I am sporting some sort of a tan, well don't be fooled and scroll down to the last picture where you can see my oompa loompa legs. I normally don't like to complain here, but I figured this will be more of a social service; a couple of days ago I received a sample of the Jergens 3 days to glow moisturizer and the day I wore this outfit I decided to give it a try.

You have seen by now that in the sexy latina skin color department I am seriously lacking, bottom line I am very pale, so any way to fake a beautiful tan I'm in. I do live in Florida but I don't tan right away, I first burn and then start to build color, and it is not an option for me to go to the beach/pool everyday or at least every other day, so I figured a moisturizer (that is how it's advertised) was heaven sent.

Skirt:  Forever 21 / Top: Forever 21 (recent, but I can't find it online) / Sandals: Carlos Santana via Macys (Sam Edelman silver sandalsDV Archer sandals) / Bag:  Local store / Earrings: Emma & Sophia / Bracelets: Emma & Sophia / Necklace: Forever 21  /Watch: Michael Kors

Well, let me break your pale heart, it's not a moisturizer, is just a sunless tanner, with the fake smell included; I have to admit that it might be my fault, since I didn't read the instructions, but I never read my moisturizer or toothpaste or deodorant instructions, ever!!, I've been using them for years and nothing has ever changed that now I have to read how to apply them.

 So here are my results: Orange hands, because after I moisturize I just use what's left on my hands; blotchy legs because I used more on the dryer parts of my legs (that's what you do with moisturizer, right?); a weird look like I am wearing white socks with orange leggings, because I don't moisturize my feet right before putting my shoes on in the morning; and last but not least orange stained towels, because the next morning after I showered this product from hell bled on my towels.

So there you go, this thing might work and you might be able to keep the color just with the use of one of their moisturizers, but keep in mind that it is a sunless tanner, or at least the love child of one and a moisturizer!!!

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  1. Loving the ruffles and the florals! So cute and perfect for Spring!

    <3 Shannon