Jun 25, 2014

Plie Wand

Today I want to share a product that Julep is launching as you read. I have a sick obsession with nail polish, I probably own around  300-350 bottles, yes I know there aren't that many colors and I am currently working to downsize my out of control collection. In order to do so I'm lying, I do it all the time I have been doing my nails 2 times a week, ombre style, dots, stripes, and any other combination that will allow me to use more than one polish, that way I decide which ones make their way back to my rack, and which ones have to go.

I have been doing my own nails for a very long time, there is no way I can afford a manicure twice a week, and one of my biggest struggles is to get my right hand as nice as my left hand, if you see my Instagram pictures (Glitter mani - half moons - spun nails) you will see that I only post pictures of my left hand. See, I am right handed and working with my left hand has proven to be quite a challenge, I have stained many things, destroyed my left hand mani (yes, I don't always wait for it to dry), left unpainted edges, you get the idea, my left hand no so artsy.

Enter Julep and their Plie Wand a life saver, at first I didn't know why Plie, it just looked like a regular wand to me, but then.... Hello wand!!! it has a flexible body that allows you more control, it can pivot to your desired comfort position,  it's long enough to give you a better grip, it comes with a regular brush and a precision brush that can be used for stripping, and.... even a dotting tool. To make it even better it also has extra caps with brushes that you can keep in your other Julep polishes, or if you are like me, just use them with other brands but make sure to mark them so you don't go around creating new color shades.

This is such a great tool, not only will it allow me to have two right hands when doing my nails, but it will reduce the amount of stuff I tote around the house, I won't need my dotting set or my stripping set, this might just be the push a lot of you need to start doing your own nails. I do understand than manicure time has become some sort of "me" time, hey, some salons even give you wine while at it, but I love the freedom of doing my own nails and changing them as often as I please without the added expense, so, if you don't want to lose that experience have a mani-pedi party with your friends, have a "pamper yourself " evening at home and experiment with colors and the wand


  1. This brush is BRILLIANT! Seriously, that is the smartest idea ever!

  2. This sounds amazing!!!! I love doing my nails at home!


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  4. What a cool application wand! I can't wait to try it out!