Jun 20, 2014

Reflect your Style

Reflect your style

I moved to my new house almost a year ago, and with a new house comes a never ending list of projects, let's do the kitchen, buy new furniture for the patio, re-do the stairs, you get the picture. Well, my house has the original bathrooms, and even though I am grateful that they are not that crazy pastel color style from back in the day here in Florida, I would love to re-do them with my own personal style, this Pinterest picture has always been in the back of my mind, a double sink with a pair of mirrors.

I would love something like this Vevey oversized mirror in gold to match it with brass and antique decor items, since I have a double sink vanity I can totally make use of the double mirror idea, with a new lighting fixture in the middle; the sinks would be superposed over this rustic sideboard, the drawers can hide the plumbing while the open space at the bottom can be used to display and store fluffy towels and maybe some decor items that serve a double purpose like apothecary jars, super popular lately and very useful for storing cotton balls, Epsom salts, hand made soaps, and other bathroom toiletries.

Since the vanity is so wide, it's perfect for an antique tray, where I can display my perfume collection; I wish I was one of those persons that have only one scent and you can always tell when they are close, or remember them when you smell their perfume, but unfortunately I haven't found a single scent that would last all day, so I like to keep a mix of perfumes and wear them depending on the day; another thing I like to keep handy are my makeup brushes, and an old glass can be the perfect place to store them in plain sight. Besides your traditional bathroom set, something else that I like to keep close to all my sinks it's a little ceramic dish where I can put my rings, well, since this is my main bathroom I figured I will probably be putting my earrings, watch and maybe my necklace in it before they go to their proper place (let's be honest, it might take a couple of days and an over flowing plate for that to happen) so a bigger plate, or even better, this ceramic centerpiece with 4 different "little plates" is perfect for that purpose.

So in a perfect world where all I have to do is design my dream bathroom vanity, this is where my dreams and One Kings Lane would take me.

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  1. So pretty!! I love the vintage/antique look! Those gold mirrors are perfect!

    <3 Shannon