Jun 19, 2014

Vacay - food coma

I am sorry that I have been MIA this past couple of days, but getting back from vacation was definitely harder than I anticipated, I had so much work to catch up with and was extremely tired, I guess that's what excessive walking and eating do to your body, but I am back on track and I wanted to share some of my pics. I have divided them in 2, so I don't drive you picture crazy, but long story short, we went to Mt Dora and St Augustine in Florida, and Savannah in Georgia; we had tons of fun, ate like it was going out of style and managed to squeeze in a little shopping at the Orlando outlets.

This picture is the ceiling of the coolest store ever, Under the Cherry Blossoms, they support local artists, and the owner is the nicest person ever, she started making paper flowers with positive quotes to help her through a hard period in her life, now she gives her customers a piece of paper to do the same and has continued to put the flowers in her ceiling. If you ever make it to Mt Dora make sure to stop by, you will definitely fall in love with everything in the store.

This here is my mother, you can see (above and below) that she puts up with all my shenanigans, and indulges in all my crazy requests for goofy pictures. (I love her)

All the following pictures are the reason why I can't fit in my clothes anymore, drinks and appetizers at Pisces Rising, the famous artichoke appetizer at The Goblin Market followed by dessert, shaved ice from a local candy store, and brunch at the Windsor Rose Tea Room where we goofed of with their crazy collection of hats. And the perfect description to my current condition "I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk"

(Please don't be freaked out by my bra strap, I promise standing up and sitting straight like a normal person it wasn't visible)
I was so grateful for the time I spent away from everyday life, and also for the string pants and sleeveless top I bought at the outlets, not only where they 70% off, but they made the heat and increasing waist line easier to bare.

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  1. So fun!! You seriously went to all my favorite places! I've been wanting to go to the Tea Room forever and I swear everytime I'm in Mr Dora it's either closed or a forever wait! Glad you had so much fun!

    <3 Shannon

    1. When we got there on Friday it was closed for a private party or something, so we had to make it for breakfast, but it was totally worth it, so much fun, cuteness and a delicious meal.

  2. Looks like such a fun trip!!! I love Savannah, GA!

    1. We loved it, and we were so lucky that it only rained on our way there, we would have missed everything otherwise.

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