Aug 22, 2014

Friday Five

Let me share some of the highlights of my week, or at least stuff worth mentioning and laughing about.

1. Benson being invited to his first ever Beach Blast Party, it is being hosted by another Bulldog rescue, and I would love to see how he does in the sand and ocean, so far he doesn't seem to be to fond of water, but who likes to be outside when it rains, or bathed outside with a hose for the whole world to see. As of right now I don't know if I am allowed to take him (he legally belongs to the rescue, and their dog, their rules) but I will share some pics if we make it.

2. New recipe that I saw on Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins (Original recipe from Oh She Glows) and I had to try, I mean who doesn't looove black beans and avocado? Since I was  missing cilantro I decided to give it a spin, more like South of the border meets Italy, I added some artichoke hearts in olive oil and some sweet corn, and let me tell you, this is such an easy filling, delicious recipe. It is meant to be served as is, but you can also add some romaine to make it a full dish, or keep it simple and use as a side dish. Either way this will be on repeat for weeks to come. (Karli you know you have a corn eating turtle!!!)

Please pardon my non-Foodnetwork worthy picture, but I had already started eating when I thought of taking it.

3. How about this major score at Ross? I found them on sale for $9.99, yes you got it right 10 bucks for this super comfy, snake print slip ons, that if the vacation Gods smile upon me will be coming with me to Harry Potter World in Orlando. I am aware that slip ons are "oh so last season" (for those who have moved on to fall) but this girl here does not care, comfy, pretty and cheap is always in season; specially if they are meant for walking.

4. Another not so blog worthy picture, but good for laughs. Don't you hate it when you think you have such a perfect picture, you know the whole outfit in frame, no cars in the back (don't mind the "fixing the road" photo prop), good light, and then when you blow it up, Surpriiiiiiiiiiiise!!! you closed your eyes. Total and complete disappointment, but hey at least it wasn't like my son/daughter first whatever picture.

5. Last but not least, if you blog, or write any sort of content meant to be read by others, I strongly suggest you refrain from ever using a title like "I need help/Suggestions" all I wanted was some input as to how should I cut my hair but that post has been spammed like crazy (it's the only post I get spam on), I have seriously considered deleting it because it's crazy annoying. For your reading pleasure, and in case your wife/husband has left you I leave you with the spam of the "obasi spell temple"  they leave different names, offer different cures and they all want your "monies". So there you go... should I cut my hair or hire a spell caster??

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  1. Well Benson is just adorable! I am a total dog person. Have a great weekend!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. This recipe looks delicious! Yum!

  3. Benson is too cute!! Hope you had some fun!
    xo, Jane