Sep 26, 2014

Things I can't live without

I was asked a couple of days ago what would I put in a survival kit, if I was only allowed to keep a couple of things, this was not a "being abandoned in a deserted island" kind of survival kit, because we all know the first thing I will pack will be bug repellent and a machete, you know, for bigger bugs.

This is more of a things you reach out for daily, things that would make you go crazy if you lost them or didn't have them, well without further ado here they are:
Things I can't live without

1) It is pretty embarrassing, but I have to admit that my phone will probably be at the top of the list, I am not saying a really can't survive without it, I mean, growing up pagers were the coolest thing; but let's be honest our phones are definitely multitaskers, entertainers, and super useful. So there you go lame but true.

2) CANDYYYYYYY, if you have ever read this blog you know that besides vacations I put my weight on around Halloween, forget Christmas/Thanksgiving I can control myself on those dates, but unlimited supply of Kit-Kats, Twix, and the almighty Chunky, I mean Chunky and God bless America (we didn't have it back in Colombia)  that's all I have to say. 

3) Lip balms, I have a sick amount of them everywhere, my bag, my car, my desk, my bathroom, in purses I don't use, they have always been an obsession, I remember one time I was visiting my uncle and I made him pull over at every single Eckerd we drove by to get all the flavors of a lip balm in a jar they used to sell. This doesn't mean that I have super smooth lips, I collect them, I don't necessarily put them to good use all the time, but I will cry if I can't find one handy. 

And last but not least....

4) PJ Shorts, is there anything better that spending your day lounging in PJ shorts? I think not, I sleep in them, take the trash out in them, walk my dog in them, in all honesty I have no shame when it comes to wearing PJ shorts, my neighbors might think is the only thing I wear, but I do not care, my love affair with PJ shorts is the real deal. I even have a pair of fuzzy ones I wear during the holidays, hey, just because it doesn't snow in Florida it doesn't mean we can't get in with the whole white Christmas and cold weather.

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  1. I'm the same way about my phone and lip balm :)


  2. I can't love without candy either! I'm the worst chocoholic!!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Love those cute PJ shorts!
    xo, Jane

  4. Oh girl, you are not alone in any of these! Is there anyone these days who can live without a phone? I am GLUED to mine! I love PJ shorts too, although despite it being pretty warm here year round, it's usually not hot enough for me to lounge in them at night beyond July and August. Oh well.
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  5. This is the best idea for a post, I would love to try putting together a list like this. I totally agree especially with the phone and chocolates!

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